Updated Friday May 29, 2015 by James Nygard.

When are sign-ups?

  • For 2015 registration will begin June 1 and close July 26. In recent years both in-person and online registrations are available. The website will have the most current information regarding in-person registrations.


How old does my child have to be?

  • 8-years old as of August 1 of the current year.


What are the cutoff limits?

  • 13A Division - 13-years old as of August 1. No older than 14 by Sunday following the CBYF Super Bowl AND still in the 8th Grade (CBYF By Law 7.3.2).
  • 12A Division - 12-years old as of August 1.
  • B Division - 11-year olds as of August 1.
  • C Division - 10-year olds as of August 1.
  • D Division - 9-year olds as of August 1.
  • E Division - 8-year olds as of August 1.


Are there weight limits?


Can my child “Play up”?

  • Yes. A player may “play up” but never down unless simple majority agreement by General Managers and approval by CBYF. The decision to play up will be a joint decision between the parent/guardian, the Head Coach of the receiving team, the head coach of the releasing team and the associated General Manager. The Safety Coordinator shall also be included in this decision.


Are there boundaries for where a family lives in order to play?

  • Yes. Beginning fall 2015 E and D level players will be split into boundaries based on which High School Boundaries they live in. Hanford addresses will be split into Greater Richland Youth Football Conference (GRYFC) and Richland High addresses will be split into Richland Youth Football Conference. C and B level players will remain on their previous teams and are grandfathered in.


Can my child play both RYF and Middle School Ball?

  • Yes. This is a family decision that needs to be made. RYF practices usually run in the evenings and games are on Saturday allowing for this. However, if your player is doing both please communicate closely with your coach about any conflicts, injuries or other concerns.


What equipment does the league provide?

  • Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice pants/pads, game pants/pads


What equipment will I need to purchase?

  • Mouthpiece, Game Jersey, practice jersey (or t-shirt), cleats (no metal), additional pads as needed (i.e. under armor padded shirt, flack jacket…), game socks, water bottle


When do practices start?

  • Practices typically start in the middle of August. Once your child is placed on a team you will be notified by the head coach as to the practice schedule and locations. Most teams practice every day the first 2 weeks then cut down to 2-5 practices depending on the age group and coach.


I will be on vacation/out of town during tryouts/practices. Can my child still participate?

  • Yes, as long as they are registered and all paperwork and payment is in by the deadline. Once your child is placed on a team you will work with your coach regarding any practice conflicts.


How long does the season last?

  • The season typically runs from after Labor Day until the last week in October/first week in November.